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In practice

Mapping services

No self-respecting mapping service cannot be limited displaying of only two-dimensional maps. Satellite imagery and pan - this is a mandatory requirement of the time. Photorealistic models allow us not only to show the surrounding reality show on the computer screen and tablet, but to complement it with detailed information about visible objects. A very important advantage of the models - the ability to embed advertising directly into the visible reality.

Social networks

Imagine that the virtual space of the city is populated by real people who do chek-in, leave their comments about specific locations along their way. And all this things are available within the existing three-dimensional reality! If you got a tablet, you are always aware of the latest news of your friends. Cannot find your friend in the big city? Nothing could be simpler. Service he will show you his picture and create a route.

Traveling portals

Paper schemes of sights consign to the past. Now all information on surrounding objects is displayed directly on the tablet PC screen. It is enough to point your tablet at the building. It becomes possible when using realistic three-dimensional panoramas because all objects in the photo have exact coordinates, and consequently also all data on it are known.

Real estate services

At a choice of the new apartment or the house it is very important, in what environment they are. Whether there is a pure yard, how is the playground, whether a number of dumps of garbage are near. Ordinary cards will never give the answer. In turn, within three-dimensional realistic models it is possible not only to examine the area, but also to choose the pleasant apartments directly in the photo. Function of measurement of distances will be useful: at what height windows as far the house costs from the road are located – it is possible to learn, by means of one click.

Shopping malls

Orientation in modern shopping centers - almost impossible task for the modern buyer) How to make sure that it's still not passed him the right things? The rescue is in using of three-dimensional realistic model. They allow you to display hints right on the screen of a mobile device in the framework of the environment that a person sees around him. And of course we must not forget about the new advertising opportunities!

Monitoring and control systems

make quick decisions in emergency situations, it is necessary to have the most complete information. For situational centers dimensional realistic models are simply irreplaceable. They allow, without getting up, orient yourself by the pictures, get accurate mapping and geometric data necessary dimensions of buildings and facilities. Panorama also can be successfully used to simulate different situations.