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Three-dimensional panoramas

Our company carries out ground-based laser scanning, creates urban infrastructure panoramas and constructs three-dimensional panoramas.

Three-dimensional panoramas include not only usual images but also three-dimensional model associated with the photo. Thus, geographic coordinates are known for each point of the image that provides ample opportunities for image processing.

For example, in one click you can measure the distance, get information on a particular home and embed a photo banner associated with the real object.

Technology of creation

A special hardware platform consisting of positioning devices, panoramic cameras and LIDARs is used for creating 3D panoramas. LIDARS scan surroundings with big frequency. The platform is mounted on a vehicle that goes around a city at a speed of 40 km/h.

Data processing is carried out by special self-made software.

The cloud provides access to end users and applications.

and depth buffers

As a result of processing the entire city area is covered by a network of three-dimensional panoramas with an interval of 5-10 meters.

Photos allow to see how the real place looks like in a familiar form.

Depth buffers
extend photos with depth data.

Client software

interface allows to work with panoramas directly from web browser.

In one click
client software allows to make the necessary measurements to obtain data on urban infrastructure and land area borders.